Criminal Defense

& White Collar Defense

An arrest in New York or Florida can have significant consequences.  But, even before an arrest, the government often conducts thorough investigations upon which to bring charges.  The S.E.C. and D.O.J with along side the F.B.I. work tirelessly to build strong cases against violators of federal laws 

This is often the most crucial point in the process, as an intelligent attorney can proffer their own defense and rebuttal to the issues alleged in the investigation.  Stopping an investigation before formal charges is the goal.  A "Wells Notice" or similar Notice of Investigation is your signal to contact your lawyer for guidance.  In federal prosecutions, the stakes are high, as the prison sentences are usually long and the monetary fines are steep.


Mr. Linn focuses on representing Professionals and Entrepreneurs in criminal and civil prosecutions in both State and Federal Court.  Mr. Linn has Federal Law Enforcement experience with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission at the New York Regional Office in Manhattan working on large financial fraud cases. 

In Florida, Justin Linn and LINN LAW has represented clients charged with driving under the influence, marijuana possession, drug possession, battery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on law enforcement, felony grand theft, retail theft, criminal driving offenses, and many other criminal offenses in State Court in Florida.  Mr. Linn has represented clients in the Southern District of Florida. 

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