Contingency Fees In International Arbitration


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The world is getting smaller and smaller every year.  Over the last 100 years, International trade and business has grown exponentially.  The problem though, is that disputes involving multi-national corporations often find it difficult to obtain justice through local and national courts.  The solution is that almost every major country has adopted Bilateral International Treaties and Multilateral International Treaties to create a system of binding arbitration that is designed to resolves disputes between parties of different countries.  These treaties provides rights and obligations between member states and requires that binding arbitration be enforced when appropriate.  

Traditionally, International businesses would find large corporate law firms to handle international arbitration cases, not contingency fee lawyers.  The problem is that these large corporate law firms are more suited to handle transactional corporate work than arbitration and litigation cases.  The huge fees charged by large corporate firms created a whole new industry of third-party litigation funding.  The finance industry, through hedge funds and investment bankers invest in large international arbitration cases by "fronting" the attorney's fees and case costs.  This only serves to inflate the costs of litigation and remove the incentive to reach a positive result by the attorneys

Attorney Justin Linn is a passionate plaintiff's attorney.  With over 10 year of experience in car accident litigation, Mr. Justin Linn understands that clients require creative payment arrangements to fully achieve justice.  Mr. Linn has experience handling cases on a contingency fee basis and intends to bring similar payment arrangements to International Arbitration.  The era of relying on large corporate law firms to handle international disputes is over. 

Mr. Justin Linn has a Masters of Law (LLM) from Fordham University in International Dispute Resolution, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude.  Linn Law handles select International Arbitration cases on a contingency fee basis.  Attorney Justin Linn is licensed in Florida and New York; these are the two largest hubs for international trade and business in the United States. 

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