Is Possession of Marijuana

Legal In New York City?

According to the New York Police Department (NYPD), the minor possession of Marijuana is not a significant issue and officers may issues summons and fines for the possession of a small amount of Marijuana.  If the offender has 25 grams of pot or less, they face a small fine.  The fine increases for repeat offenders.  However, smoking pot on the street is still illegal, and you may go to jail. 

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said on November 19., 2014 that "It's still against the law.  I'm not giving out get out of jail free cards."  However, In support of the decision, regarding the possession of marijuana, Mayor de Blasio stated that "Too many New Yorkers without any prior convictions have been arrested for low-level marijuana possession."  Mayor de Blasio stated that"Black and Latino communities have been disproportionately affected."  And that a marijuana arrest "hurts their chances to get a good job, it hurts their chances to get housing, it hurts their chances to get a student loan." 

Is Weed Legal in NYC?

Short Answer:

The use and possession of marijuana is almost always illegal due to it's status under Federal law.  Even the use of "Medical Marijuana" is technically illegal under Federal law.  Even if New York State legalizes recreational marijuana, the possession of marijuana is still illegal under Federal law.

Although if you walk down the Bowery, or spend some time in Alphabet City, or happen to get lost in the West Village, you will often smell the overwhelming odor of marijuana smoke.  It may seem that it is legal and that you could get away with smoking pot, too.  You might even see another New Yorker smoking a joint on his lunch break, or while headed to work.  But, remember, marijuana is illegal and even a summons for the possession of marijuana can have negative effects on your future.  The lawyer's advice:  Do not possess marijuana in New York City. 

No, marijuana is illegal in NYC.  Possession of  Marijuana is illegal in New York State, and New York State has jurisdiction over the city of New York.  Possession of Marijuana is also illegal under Federal laws.  New York State does have a Medical Marijuana program but the requirements are strict and use and sale is extremely limited. 

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