Car Accidents & Injuries

Following a car accident or injury incident in Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, New York, King or Queens counties, it is extremely important to fully document the extent of your injuries.  Often, what many believe to be a minor accident, results in pain that does not go away in the days following the injury.  Visiting an Emergency Room at the Hospital, or a physician at an Urgent Care is imperative immediately following your accident, for several reasons.  While every case is unique, Florida has strict laws regarding benefits available after a car accident. 

Florida Personal Injury Protection Insurance (PIP) is a no-fault type insurance required in Florida.  To fully obtain benefits under Florida's PIP law, an injured party must comply with certain deadlines.  Justin Linn at LINN LAW can explain these benefits to you and how to obtain the entire $10,000.00 of PIP benefits, as opposed to the reduced amount of $2,500.00.  

An attorney with LINN LAW can help request and analyze all available insurance policies available.  Working together with your medical providers, LINN LAW ensures that your claim is not ignored and that your injuries are heard by whomever caused the accident.  

If you are injured or hurt in a car accident or slip and fall in Florida, call Justin Linn at LINN LAW to discuss your case.  Justin Linn is always available to discuss your case and will answer your emails and calls personally. 

Remember, every case is special and unique.  Every case requires an in-depth evaluation prior to setting a strategy for full-recovery.  Every client deserves to feel like they are the only client.  Justin Linn is heavily focused on client satisfaction and client communication.  Every client will receive Mr. Linn's personal cell phone and may text, call, or email Mr. Linn 24/7 and he will respond. 

The injuries you may receive from a car accident or slip and fall can be permanent.  It is important to talk to a lawyer immediately following a car accident or injury incident to ensure all of your rights are protected.

Feeling better and fully recovering from your injuries is our goal, but unfortunately that does not always happen.  Even with chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, orthopedic intervention, and pain management, pain and suffering may remain forever.  An experienced south Florida personal injury attorney can help manage your claim, manage your recovery, and fight for the highest value permitted by law. 


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